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SODASAN upholds these standards:

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Organic Household Cleaners
"I have a much clearer conscience when I use SODASAN Toilet Bowl Cleaner. SODASAN Toilet Bowl Cleaner with natural citric acid is a powerful cleaner that doesn't contain petroleum-based ingredients."
Organic Cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner: Perfume-Free

1000 ml. : # 3506
Price: $6.95

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Vinegar Cleaner: All purpose cleaner.

5 liter / 1.38 Gallon: # 110
Price: $24.75

Organic Bathroom Cleaners

Toilet Bowl Cleaner : Removes tough stains, for hygienic freshness. Ingredients: Fatty alcohol sulfates, sugar based cleansing agents (APGs), citric acid, essential oils, water.

26 oz. : # 2060
Price: $5.75

Organic Glass Cleaner

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Window Glass Cleaner (Refill Bulk): For the quick and easy cleaning of all glass surfaces, including car and boat windows, mirrors and tiles. No harsh chemicals.

2.1 Qt / 2 Liter : # 1905
Price: $15.63

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32 oz. Sprayer : Sprayer 32 oz. For mixing and spraying your organic cleaning products. Commercial grade. Fully adjustable nozzle.

# 21592
Price: $2.95

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Micro-fiber Ultra Absorbing Cloths : Micro-fiber is a revolutionary fabric which is 100 times finer than human hair, containing 90000 micro-fibers per square inch, captures dist, dirt and grime without the use of any chemicals. Surface becomes instantly clean, dry and shined.

3 pack assorted colors.
Art # 84314
Price: $7.95

25 pack assorted colors.
Art # 984314
Price: $24.00


Get your clothes really clean... With organic SODASAN detergents, your shirts stay white and won't smell like synthetic perfumes.
SODASAN Dishwashing LiquidDishes

Do your dishes need to really shine? Organic SODASAN dishwashing liquid and tabs don't contain enzymes, phosphates, or chlorine bleach.
Household Cleaning

Keep a clean house and a clean conscience. These certified Organic household cleaners contain no petroleum-based ingredients.